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Piers Linney and Aalok Y Shukla

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Generative AI enables SMEs to compete effectively in both existing and emerging markets. It enhances productivity and optimises costs, maximising margins and company valuations.

With AI, SMEs can outperform their size, gaining an edge usually reserved for larger corporations. Effective AI implementation in SMEs demands a well-crafted strategy, comprehensive training, and expert support. At Implement AI, we specialise in delivering these services, equipping SMEs with the same advanced AI capabilities used by industry giants. We empower your workforce, transforming them into an AI-augmented team. Our focus is to ensure you harness AI before your competition, securing a strategic advantage in your sector.


Much like the five levels used to classify self-driving car technology, businesses too can be categorised into five levels of AI adoption across the core functions of Marketing, Sales, Delivery and Operations. See how our solutions can transform your business.

“Implement AI not only came up with bespoke solutions for me in my business, but also had other solutions solving problems that I didn’t think could be solved. Not only was this exciting but also helped me understand the true scale of possibilities. Also, it’s great working with Piers and Aalok, they are knowledgeable, friendly and straightforward. More to the point, they know the pains I have as a business owner and help me implement this as quickly as possible.

Steve Rowe, Director, Lucent Financial Planning

AI Activate

AI Activate is your first step to becoming an AI-assisted organisation. The programme is based on a 60-day sprint designed to provide an insight into the power of AI and its ability to transform workflows and optimise business processes, starting with one example that is selected at the outset.

AI policies & governance

AI Boardroom Briefing

AI-assisted organisation 12-month planner

AI-assisted organisation scorecard

AI Training

Identification of AI Activate workflow

MVP process/workflow automation or analytics

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AI Accelerate

The AI Accelerated Track provides end-to-end guidance to successfully integrate transformative AI solutions throughout your business.

Expert Assessment - In-depth opportunity analysis tailored to your business

Hands-On Implementation - End-to-end deployment of custom AI solutions

Proven Frameworks - Smooth integration across people, processes and technologies

Custom Solutions - Leveraging your unique data, use cases and expertise

Future-Proofing - Capabilities and roadmap for continuous AI leadership

Get the strategies, tools and capabilities needed to integrate cutting-edge AI throughout your organisation, gaining enduring competitive advantage and market leadership. Join the program today to future-proof your business for long-term success in the age of artificial intelligence.